Children Should be kept Warm In The Winter

When temperatures drop, paying extra attention to your children is necessary since they are more likely to lose body heat faster than adults.

Thick Colorful Jackets

There are many places that experience a lot of cold and snow; and for everyone in those places, especially children, keeping warm is a must at all times.

Below are some helpful tips to keep your children warm and help protect your children from the cold this season:

Don’t let your Children Stay out in the Cold for Prolonged Periods
Children are more prone to colds if they stay out too long during winter. Also, staying outdoors for prolonged periods during the cold can easily tire a person. Always remember to give children a break to allow them to rehydrate, reenergize, and keep themselves warm before they go outdoors and have fun in the snow again.Snowy Playground

Keep Your Chldren Hydrated with Liquids
People often think that dehydration only happens during the heat but in fact, the air is drier during winter. This causes one to lose more water through their breath. This is why you must keep your children hydrated at all times. Take advantage of breaks from outdoor play to give them soup and warm drinks that will keep them warm at the same time.

Hot Potato Soup

Dressing Children Up in Many Layers is a Must

There are three main layers to consider when dressing up for winter and these include wicking, insulating, and weather protection. The wicking layer is worn next to the skin; this usually includes thermal tees, turtlenecks, heavy socks, and long underwear. For insulating layers, these can be vests, sweatshirts, sweaters, or pullovers; this layer traps warm air between fibres to keep one warm by keeping the cold out. Lastly, the weather protection layer or the exterior layer protects one’s body against elements by repelling snow, wind, and rain; this layer generally consists of a shell (windproof or mountaineering jackets) and pants.

Bath Time

During the winter, always remember that your children need several layers of clothing to keep them warm; ensure that their head, neck, as well as their hands are covered. Younger children and babies must have an additional layer of clothing.

Gearing Up Safely
Skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and other activities are most fun during winter. Since extremely cold weather can also cause dry eyes, let your children wear goggles to protect their eyes from the wind, debris and branches that may become flying debris when sledding.
But just like biking, these sports can be dangerous so always gear up your children with helmets and other safety equipment for these activities. Helmets reduce the risk of having dangerous head injuries and these also offer additional protection and insulation against the cold.

Playtime in Snow

Limit Bath Time Make it Short
When bathing your children, be sure to finish under ten minutes and also use a mild hypoallergenic cleanser for their body since soap can cause irritation. After bath time, pat your children dry with a towel and apply hypoallergenic lotion to keep their skin warmer.

Humidify Your Home During the Winter months
During the winter, the level of humidity in homes easily drops by 30 to 55 percent which is the common cause of dry eyes. One of the ways to offset the dry air is to use a humidifier; this will also make the temperature warmer at home.

Staying Dry
Teach your children to dry their clothes when they come in from the cold. Also to immediately get a change of clothes when they get wet, and to avoid contact with cold elements for long periods of time while wearing wet clothes. When clothes get wet, they stop protecting a person from the cold and since the immune system of a child is not yet fully developed, it is highly important to keep them dry at all times.

Humidifier at Home

Haveing Fun During The Winter
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