How You Can Help Your Children With Self-control

Developing self-control takes a lifetime and it starts at birth and it continues until a person grows into an adult. In fact, it’s an essential life skill that allows one to achieve long-term success. Children can easily instil self-control through guidance from parents & caregivers and by interacting with others. Patience is one major key that needs to be learned.


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For some children, self-control can be a challenge. This is especially true with those who have ADHD and other challenges. If your children struggle with how to control themselves, they may need additional help in learning this ability.


Self-control is an ability that allows a person to manage one’s thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and impulses. People can easily cooperate with others, resolve conflicts, and cope with frustrations if they have this trait. An example of this is when a toddler says “I’m mad” instead of breaking things or biting others to vent frustrations.


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Here’s some tips regarding how you can help your children develop self-control:









  Teach Self-Discipline at Bedtime


Before going to bed, allot some time for your children to fix their school bags, clean up, and do everything else that needs to be finished before bedtime. This requires a lot some work for parents, but it will definitely pay off in the future. Read them a story so they relate that with going to sleep.


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Going to bed without having to argue with your little ones is one of the most common parenting struggles. For some children it takes a lot of self-control to stay quietly in bed and go to sleep. One way you can teach self-discipline and control is by setting a fixed schedule for bedtime.






Waiting Patiently In Line





  Calm Them With Your Help and Patience


People have different ways of calming down and these should be learned. It allows a person to have control of his or her own emotions. While your children are young and are still learning the basics of self-control, you can help them calm down when they’re being emotional. Some may need a lot of physical contact, while others may need someone to talk to. When they lose control, remain calm and nurture them with love and don’t match their temper instead remain calm it will help them feel safe and the insecurities will pass.



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Teach Responsibility and Reward Them



Some parents think by giving their children an easier life and less responsibilities that this might make them feel good and comfortable at the expense of developing good character & necessary life skills. However, this often results in more freedom and less self-discipline and control. Remember, self-control is an essential skill to prepare your children to aim for success and absolute happiness. In fact, spoiled children eventually feel unsuccessful and unhappy unlike self-disciplined children who are always happy.


A responsible person does the right things even without supervision. Train your little ones to follow their routines and be responsible. For example, if they are responsible in getting up early and they are ready for breakfast by 7:30 in the morning, you can give them the privilege to stay up a little later than their bedtime. Being able to choose one’s clothes and get dressed earlier also allows one to have more time to prepare. These simple benefits of life that are granted for doing responsibilities are considered as privileges.

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Use Waiting For Practicing Tolerance and Patience


Every time we exercise self-control, we also increase our chances of meeting our goals. When children wait, they develop tolerance and patience. Waiting makes children learn that being patient will pay off especially if it’s about getting something they want. However, you must consider that children cannot wait too long because this can trigger anxiety which sabotages their attempts at controlling themselves.


Teach By Modelling Appropriate Behaviour


Tell and show your children the things they should and should not do. For instance, if you see them throwing balls in the house, give them an empty box or trash can so they can throw the balls in this. You may also go out with them and show them where they can throw the ball. This is an effective way to show the difference between right and wrong. Of course, you also have to behave appropriately so your little ones can follow your steps.



Providing  a Reward For Helping


Children often perform better when they get a reward after being successful. Instead of giving them a treat or a toy, you can offer a privilege. For instance, if they stop what they’re doing to help you set the table or wash the dishes, you can give them the chance to choose the dessert or allowing them to spend more time playing.







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