Teaching Your Children to Adapt to Change is Important

Adapt to Change is Important

While change can be a good thing, children also need to take time to process all the information that they face since change can be stressful for them. Children like knowing that things remain the same when they arrive home from school, during their bedtime, when they wake up in the morning, and more. Things are easier for them to handle when they can predict what happens in their daily lives. However, change is inevitable and children must learn how to adapt to these changes.
Sometimes, this can be overwhelming especially for children. If the normal things in our surroundings change constantly, what will be the big unexpected changes? Have you ever thought how your little ones would react over these?
Our world changes constantly and today, the pace of change has become faster than it has ever been before. From products and processes of doing things, everything changes within a short span of time and our exposure to new information goes on.
Below are various tips for you to learn how to teach your little ones to cope with the small and big changes in life:

Understand Regressive Behaviour
During times of change, regressive behaviour, especially among children, is normal. When changes occur in their surroundings or routine, they may act differently. Regressive behaviour is the act of doing something that isn’t age appropriate such as wetting their pants even if they were potty-trained, or asking for more cuddles than usual. Be patient when they do these things since it simply means that they are trying to adapt with the change.

Make a Routine Together
If your children will be entering a new school, familiarize them with the new routine before the school year starts. Plan the things they have to do in the morning then have a drive or a walk to pass by the new route. Seeing how things will work will help make things easier for children and it can also help relax their minds from worries. Practice as many routines as possible while it’s early so they can take their time to process new information.

For sleeping and eating routines, try to keep these regular and predictable so your little ones can prevent the disruption of the natural rhythms. When these are consistent, adapting to bigger changes becomes easier.

Talk about It As Early As Possible
If you are aware that your little ones will be facing changes, such as moving to a new home or school, let them know as early as possible. By doing this, you are giving them time to process the information so they can conquer the anxiety of this major shift in their lives. Ask if they have any concerns so you can let them know that you are ready to listen to their worries. Also, provide reassurance and advice when needed. Fears aren’t easy to alleviate, but if they see that you’re being their ally, they will eventually be certain that they can get through it.

Face Change Positively
When it comes to teaching your little ones important values and good habits, you will have to be a good role model so they can emulate your ways. When you are being exposed to change, be realistic when you assess the positive and negative sides of this. Facing changes in a positive manner is an opportunity to expand one’s experience. Show your little ones that facing challenges and obstacles can be an easy to accomplish.

Also, try to encourage them to envision great possibilities and the outcome that the change may bring. This is a great exercise for practicing optimism. After enough repetition, your little ones may be able to instil the habit in themselves.

When you see your little ones improving in adapting to changes, remind them of the picture of success that you told them to envision, then compare this with their current situation. This will help them learn how to have a reality check and to think of the future. Being able to adapt to change is another success for your little ones, so don’t forget to celebrate this by spending time together. Spend some quality time and play outdoors with the Whistlecopter. This amazing toy whistles all the way up to a maximum height of 200 feet. Each individually packed Whistlecopter has its own Viper Launcher, a durable pair of wings, and a 7-inch red rubber band. Aside from the toy and its parts, you will also find an instruction card in its package so you can use the toy properly.

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