Some Tips to Cope with Teen Dating

Many parents look forward to the day their children grow up as independent adults. However, there are also fears along the way. Some of them are found when they reach adolescence and start dating. This is a normal phase and in fact, it is a big sign that they’re entering adulthood. However, it’s still important to remember that they need your guidance at this stage of their lives.

Communicate, Reach, Open Up

Although the idea of your teens dating can be frightening, it can also be beneficial for them. Being in a relationship gives them chances to learn more ways to communicate, accommodate, empathize, sympathize, negotiate, and apologize. Besides that, dating can also help them learn various coping skills when it comes to dealing with different kinds of negative emotions. These include jealousy, disappointment, anxiety, and a lot more.

Control your Emotions and Thoughts

Here’s what you can do to properly deal with your teen dating:

Manage your Thoughts and Feelings
While it’s also important to empathize with what your children feel, you also have to ensure that you don’t get caught up in their feelings. Since they’re dating at this age, you will have to be the brain at work. Your teen is still a child who hasn’t fully developed a wise mind, so they are still unable to balance emotions and make good decisions. They may understand the emotional part, but most teens are still unable to be rational, which is one of the things that you have to instill in them while they’re young.

Be Self-Conscious

Trust Your Teen
By the time your children start dating, you have to let go of a lot of things. Recall the times when you entrusted things to them. When you sent them to school, you believed that they could manage themselves while you weren’t around. When you started letting them go to school alone, you allowed them to cross the streets by themselves. You also gave the same amount of trust when you allowed them to hang out with their peers, spend the night at a friend’s house, and when they were away at camp. As your teen starts to date, continue to trust and provide support while managing your own emotions and modelling good behaviour.

Child and Parent Bonding

Have an Open Conversation
Talk to your children about what a good relationship is. Some parents may think that their teens already know how to date, but the truth is that they do not know what they are getting in to. Most of their knowledge comes from what they see and hear on media which is entertaining instead of realistic. Some information they have is what they learn from their peers of the same age who also do not have a clear idea of what dating is all about.

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Be sure to let your teens know what it means to be in a healthy relationship, which is something that includes love and support. Also, ensure that they know the difference between this and an abusive relationship. Once you’re done discussing this, show an example of a good healthy relationship.

Be Aware of how you Feel
It’s normal to have fears, worries, approvals and disapprovals, and other concerns; however, it is also important to keep your temper under control and have a wise mind at all times. That way, you will model appropriate behaviour that your children will eventually instil in themselves.

Be aware of what you think and feel about the fact that your teen is dating. There isn’t anything right or wrong with feelings, but there is a right way and the right time to express what you feel. If you like the person your child is dating, express this carefully and keep in mind that young relationships usually end in a short span of time. If you do not like the person, feel free to express that too, but do it carefully and make sure not to hurt your child’s feelings.

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