Several Ideas to Prevent Your Children from Misbehaving

The brain undergoes development until adolescence; children of all ages still lack the ability to control their behaviour. That is why even some teenagers, at the age of 15, still act like two-year olds. They most likely are reaching out for their parents’ attention. Or they have unmet needs, want to be independent, or they may also be imitating their peers.

There are always reasons behind the way children behave. The best way to deal with this is through positive parenting. Addressing the reasons why a child is crying instead of punishing the behaviour is proper parenting. Keep in mind that punishing misbehaviour will just make things worse and will not solve the problem.

Activities Schedule

A common reason behind misbehaviour is development. For toddlers, their frontal cortex is still developing and this means that they are still learning the skills to control their behaviour and emotions. During this age, they tend to break things, throw food, scribble on furniture, and more.


One of the best steps is to prevent behavioural problems before they begin. Preventing misbehaviour may require additional time and effort, but this is definitely a worthwhile investment that will make life much easier for you and your children.



Father Comforting Sad Child






Quality Time with the Family




A Healthy Relationship is Key


The kind of relationship you have with your children is an important factor that affects their behaviour. This is similar to most adults who are motivated to work when their boss treats them with respect. If you give your children respect, they are more likely to give you the same treatment and will follow your rules. The first thing you have to do is to give them all the attention they need. On a daily basis, give your little ones undivided attention for a few minutes. Do things together to strengthen your relationship because this will motivate them to obey your rules.

Rewards Jar







Establish a Reward System

Playtime with the Family

If there are certain things that you want your children to do more often, such as completing their chores or tasks without having to be told to do so, identify these and let your children know. This is so they can work on the behaviour you want to see.


After that, create a reward system to motivate them to follow the rules. For young children, provide a sticker chart and for older ones, start a token economy system. Allowing them to see their progress will be easier for them to stay on track and continuously display the behaviour you want them to learn.



Make a Schedule

Whistlecopter Toys

Create a schedule for your children so they know when it’s time for homework, chores, and play. Once they get used to this structure, they will respond positively and there will be a change in their behaviour since they know what to expect throughout the day.






Making Some Time for Play

Play is one way for children to learn how to process emotions; this is why it is an extremely vital activity as they grow. With play, you can prevent their misbehaviour by helping them release anxious feelings in a positive manner.


During toddlerhood, children often want to throw things and these impulses can be satisfied by playing throwing games. As mentioned earlier, you can prevent misbehaviour by reconnecting and spending quality time together. Below is a great activity you can do during playtime; plus, you can also model positive behaviour which they can mimic?




Teach Your Child about Their Feelings and Reactions


Children who know and understand their feelings are able to gain control of their behaviour much quicker. While they’re young, it is great to teach them anger management skills. This will help them deal with emotions such as sadness, disappointment, fear, and frustration.





Bonding As a Family


A strong connection is what allows parents to influence their children. When that bond is strained, children tend to misbehave. If the connection with your little ones has taken a downward turn, there is a possibility that they will misbehave.


However, you can always prevent this from happening by giving them some time. Allow them to take the lead when you play with them. Also spend some time with your little ones, tell jokes, play games, or dress up in goofy costumes. Laughter does not only help us get closer, but it also allows you to release negative thoughts and feelings that may be present. Giving them this kind of positive attention is also a quick way to build and strengthen the bond with your children.






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