Independence By Helping Them Sleep Alone


Having your children sleep alone is a big step; it will help them become more independent. This can be a problem in the future because they may end up balking when a parent tries to separate from them during bedtime. Children often get accustomed to having a parent next to them when they sleep. However, there are a number of things that you can do to help your little ones adjust to falling asleep alone.

It’s an important skill to acquire because it will help them feel safe and secure despite being alone. It is also important to know that a lot of people associate bedtime with special objects: some have their favourite pillow or blanket, while others follow a routine like reading a book or writing in their journals before switching the lights off.

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Fortunately, there are various ways to train your child to go to sleep and break this bedtime habit. Below are some of the best things that you can do to let your children have a better night’s sleep on their own.




Making A  Better Sleeping Environment For Your Children


Keep your little ones’ rooms free of distractions will create an environment that will help promote sleep. Remove computers, televisions, and other electronic devices. Keep the room dimly lit with a night lamp for children who might be afraid of the dark. Besides changing the lights, give your children the chance to choose their sheets. Having small responsibilities like this help them feel independent; and it will also make them excited for bedtime.

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Be Consistent And Stay With The Routine


One of the causes of unresolved problems is the lack of consistency. Make a point of telling your child that they have to stay in bed even when you leave their room. If they get up, be firm in telling them to stay in bed and do this whenever it happens. Be sure to be consistent and tell them every time they leave their bed. Otherwise, they will end up asking you to stay with them.


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 Change  Negative Bedtime Habits With New Routines


Solving your child’s sleep problem may be challenging but it’s possible. To change a negative bedtime habit, try having a different approach to the situation. Parents of toddlers usually get trapped in this kind of situation, but keep in mind that you are teaching your child to be independent.

Refusing to go to Bed

It is your task to discipline them, set limits, and maintain boundaries even for bedtime. Parents fail to solve this problem when they allow their little ones to do what they want to stop them from throwing a tantrum. Solving this issue will be one step closer to training them how to go to bed on their own, and gradually, taking these steps will help your children get used to the new routines.


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Explain Why you’re Changing their Routine


Let them know why you’re doing this to help lessen their anxiety about this new routine.

Let your child know about change. Before you train them to sleep in their own room, it’s important to prepare your children first.

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Move Your Chair Slowly Away a little at a Time


Slowly moving away from their sight will help them keep their focus on bedtime instead of thinking about having their parent with them. After some time, take a seat outside their room but stay by the door so you can keep track of them if they get up. If they get up to go to you, tell them to go back to bed. Also, leave their room before they fall asleep so they will not be dependent on you.


When accompanying your children for sleep, sit on a chair instead of sitting on their bed or lying next to them. If they protest, you can tell them that you feel more comfortable in that spot. Every night, slightly increase the distance of the chair from their bed, then add bathroom breaks to make your children comfortable in your absence.



Reward Good Behaviour


Ignore undesirable behavior such as crying or throwing tantrums whenever you leave them for bedtime. If you see them sleep well on their own, you can let them choose what they want to have for breakfast or select their favourite restaurant to dine in when going out with the family. Having rewards will make them aware that this is what they get for behaving well.



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