Host a Budget-Friendly Birthday Party With These Tips

As a parent, making your child’s birthday fun and unforgettable is definitely one of your goals.  However, throwing a lavish party may not always fit everyone’s budget. Around 30% of parents who were surveyed spend more than 300 dollars on their children’s birthday party and presents. For parents who have more than one child, these can blow up your budget if you will be having multiple parties each year.



Your little ones’ birthday bash doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be enjoyable. If you don’t want to shell out a huge amount of money for these celebrations, here are some tips to throw a budget-friendly birthday party for your children:




Start Planning Early

Do some window shopping for supplies a head of time so you can have the time to compare each item, their prices, and be able to shop around. This will save you from last minute shopping and from buying overpriced things that you would most likely forget about in the coming years. While it’s early, check out party items that go on sale, or shop at the dollar stores.





Provide your Own Form of Entertainment for the Party

You can cut the costs and save a fair amount of money by finding your own ways to entertain the guests. If you’re hosting a party in spring, summer, or fall, take advantage of the weather by planning outdoor activities. Some fun outdoor party games include relay races, ring toss, scavenger hunt, tug-of-war, and more. You can also ask your guests to bring swimwear and extra clothes for a water balloon fight. For added fun, you can also divide your guests into teams and have a miniature colour war.




Improvise With What you have On hand


Check out your stockroom for plain party supplies that you’ve used from the past years. Bring out your creativity by using what you have on hand to make these plain supplies look good so you can use these for your upcoming party. To give you an idea, you can use a hole puncher to make your paper plates and napkins look fancier. For plain balloons, you can use dot stickers to decorate these. Buy a few items that you need if you want to achieve a certain party theme but first, see what you can do to make the most out of the things you have at home; this can cut a large amount of the costs for your little ones’ parties.



Consider the Time For Your Event

Something that people usually miss is the fact that the schedule set for a party highly affects food budget.  If you set lunch or dinner time for a party, it’s proper party etiquette to provide full meals for your party guests. The key is to choose mid-morning or mid-afternoon parties when you can serve light and simple snacks. The best schedules for parties are from 2 to 5 in the afternoon since guests don’t expect full meals during these hours.




Keep the Party Small

Keeping your birthday budget on track also means inviting less people. Instead of aiming for having 40 to 50 party guests, keep the party small. More guests mean more supplies, food, as well as chairs and tables to rent which equates to added expenses. A good rule of thumb for guest invites is following the age of your child; if he or she is turning 8, then invite eight guests. Having a small party can also be more enjoyable since everyone can easily interact and enjoy each other’s company.








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